How to provide your sample

This saliva test will not tell you if you have had the virus in the past, and a negative result does not protect you from catching it in the future. If you are participating in the programme, you still need to follow government guidelines, including social distancing, face coverings and washing your hands regularly.

We have produced an instruction sheet with illustrations that can help you with taking your saliva test correctly.

Other languages that are available include:


  • provide your sample as soon as possible after you wake up
  • store the saliva testing kit at room temperature (4°C to 25°C)
  • return your test as soon as possible, ideally within a few hours of taking it, and certainly within 12 hours


  • have anything to eat, drink, brush your teeth, smoke, use a vape or a mouthwash, before providing your sample
  • store your saliva collection kit or completed samples in a fridge or freezer
  • store your saliva collection kit or completed samples near direct heat or in direct sunlight