Resources for teachers

The saliva testing programme is supported by a series of specially-designed lessons and learning resources that can be delivered by teaching staff, which are free and available to all participating schools and colleges.

These resources are not simply information-giving, but involve interactive activities, allowing space for discussion to allay concerns and address misconceptions. We know that young people engage more when they have the chance to discover knowledge for themselves. That’s why specialist educators have put together bespoke lessons that explain how the saliva testing works and why it is effective, while also reinforcing Public Health England messages around what we can all do to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Find out about the learning engagement opportunities that come with your school or college’s participation in the testing programme.

We will also add suggestions on how to answer frequently asked questions that might come up during the lessons or throughout the course of the testing programme in your school or college.

Should you have any further questions or suggestions on how we could further support the testing through learning resources, please feed them back to your school/college engagement co-ordinator so we know how they are being used and how to improve them.