Information for staff

Taking your first test

Your headteacher/principal will tell you when to take your first test. You will receive a simple test pack, containing sample pots, clear plastic bags and absorbent material, as well as an instruction leaflet. This pack also includes a sheet of barcode labels to stick on to your sample pots.

Weekly testing

You should take your test first thing in the morning on the same day every week. Find out more about how to take your test.

Please keep your test pack and labels somewhere safe so they don’t get lost. If you do lose the pack, you should collect a spare one from school/college. If you lose the labels, please contact the customer services team.

Returning saliva samples

You will be able to drop off your saliva sample at school/college, so please bring it to work with you on the day you have taken your test. Make sure that the saliva sample is secured inside the plastic bags provided and that the correct label is attached to it, as shown in the instructions.

There will be a big plastic box for you to put your sample into on your way into the school/college building.

Please place your sample in the box carefully, without touching anyone else’s bag. If for any reason you are absent from work on the day of your test, don’t worry, you can take one on the next testing day.

Test results

Your test results will be sent to you by a text message and email from the NHS within 24-48 hours of your sample reaching the lab. Participants who test positive for COVID-19 will be contacted within 24 hours by a healthcare professional who will provide advice and support. Participants will also be contacted by email, text or phone by the NHS Test and Trace service. Find out more about test results.

If you need to self-isolate

If you need to self-isolate following the results of a COVID-19 test and cannot attend work, you will need to inform the school/college of your absence following the usual procedure.